Why Jonathan for Ward 2?

I’m a lifelong La Plata resident with a commitment to focusing on YOUR issues. My list is ever-growing as I interact with the community.

Business Growth

Funding mini grants for La Plata businesses to make adaptations for the Covid economy.

Safety We Can Count On

Raising the salaries of the La Plata Police Department to equal the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, and entering into the Law Enforcement Officer’s Pension System (LEOPS).


Installing sidewalks so ALL town residents can safely access the parks and amenities offered by the Town. Working with the State Highway Administration to install a crosswalk across MD 488 so King’s Grant residents can SAFELY walk to Tilghman Lake.

Sustainable Development

Ensuring further development is proportional to improvements to the Town’s road system and infrastructure.

Giving our Heroes a Vote

Introducing and passing an ordinance permitting voting-age active-duty military personnel and their voting-age dependents who reside in the Town of La Plata the ability to vote in Town elections.

Cheaper Utilities

Introducing and passing an ordinance permitting La Plata Homeowners to install water meters for use outside the home. For example, topping off pools, watering plants, powering sprinkler systems, and washing the car. If passed, the ordinance will also lower the per gallon cost of this water.

Keeping our Library

Working with the Charles County Government to keep the library in La Plata.